Giving back is not “one size fits all.”

By Catherine Caroe

Jennifer AvenelBy the time Jennifer Avenel discovered her passion for training and education, she had already earned a degree and was working full time in an unrelated field. Given her schedule and current financial obligations, returning to school did not seem possible.   

Fortunately, a friend told her about a graduate program at the MUSC College of Health Professions where she could learn how to educate adult learners, and specifically health care professionals. The program was the perfect fit for her, as the flexible course schedule would allow her to continue working full time while pursuing her passion. 

Today, Avenel is advancing in the career of her dreams. “I've been very fortunate to move from patient case management to being able to focus on organizational development in my health care system,” she said.  “I look forward to opportunities to continue to advance my career in talent development.”  

Avenel attributes her success to the college’s curriculum and its flexible scheduling. Grateful for the new start that the College of Health Professions had given her, she wanted to give back so that others could have the same opportunity as she did.

“I love how the College of Health Professions continues to offer advanced degree programs that can be manageable for someone working full time, and I want to see that continue,” she shared.

Working with MUSC’s Planned Giving team, she learned how to make a gift through her IRA, allowing her to have a big, meaningful impact on the college without affecting her current income. 

“Because I was unable to commit to a gift at that time, making a planned gift allowed me to participate in a way that was financially feasible for me,” Avenel remarked. 

She designated her gift to support the Dean’s Discretionary Fund. “My wish is that the college will use my gift to meet its greatest needs at the time of receipt,” she said.  For now, Avenel draws great fulfillment from knowing that she is making a lasting impact on a program that helped change the course of her life and career path.  

If you would like to make the MUSC Foundation a beneficiary of your retirement account like Jennifer has or simply learn more about planned giving at MUSC, please fill out this simple form.