Dr. Anne Osborne KilpatrickWeaving her own tapestry

Dr. Anne Osborne Kilpatrick believes that the work we do during our time here on earth helps to create a beautiful piece of art. Although we may not be able to see the finished product immediately, we will be able to look back on the lives that we touched and see the beauty that has been born over time. 

"One of the analogies for me is the comparison of our lives to a tapestry," Dr. Kilpatrick said recently. "Every major or minor experience that has happened over the years contributes different threads of textures and colors, which make a pattern and influence who we are. But most of the time, we are 'behind' the weaving and very busy and may not even understand all the experiences that are happening to us. It is when we stop to reflect that we begin to really understand the pattern of our lives." 

Dr. Anne Osborne Kilpatrick chose to add to her tapestry by making a planned gift to MUSC's College of Health Professions through a bequest in her will. She created a scholarship called the John and Sally Osborne Educational Scholarship, named in honor of her late parents, which will benefit women and minority students. 

"I started a scholarship with my planned gift that values women in transition and minorities," Dr. Kilpatrick said. "I want to help women or minorities who are perhaps among the first in their families to seek graduate education or need financial support so they can make a difference in health care leadership." 

Dr. Kilpatrick said she chose to memorialize her parents through the scholarship, because they believed in the value of education. Not only did John and Sally Osborne encourage all four of their children to graduate from college, but they particularly encouraged their daughters. 

By making a gift through a bequest, Dr. Kilpatrick could make a significant impact and leave a lasting legacy. Additionally, a planned gift could reduce her federal estate taxes. Like Dr. Kilpatrick, you may also gift a percentage of your estate, a specific dollar amount or a portion of the balance remaining in your estate after gifts and expenses. 

Dr. Kilpatrick appreciates the possibilities that come with a planned gift. "While I started the scholarship a number of years ago, the idea of a planned gift did not emerge until recently," she said. "I am increasingly aware in all aspects of my life that it is important to be intentional, and making plans for our future should include how all our energies and resources are distributed." Planned giving is becoming an important component of intentionally organizing one's life." 

Dr. Kilpatrick's gift will weave into the lives of ambitious women for future generations. "As a retiree, it is a good place for a lot of us to take some time and reflect on how lucky we've been and how we can share our good fortune with other," Dr. Kilpatrick said.