Mr and Mrs ElowGiving back for what we have received

By: Mr. David Elow

During our nearly 65 years of marriage, I have observed my wife suffering from various degrees of discomfort and serious breathing problems. Over the years, she has been treated by allergists, asthma clinic operators, and pulmonologists up and down the East Coast. Although the specialists were capable and professional, they dealt with the symptoms of the day and offered services that were limited till the next time we yelled help. That all changed when we came to MUSC.

During our first appointment here, Dr. Charlie Strange took time to learn about the history of Barbara's health issues from the very beginning. Then through thorough testing, he presented a program that would resolve or at least manage the underlying causes of my wife's breathing difficulties. This comprehensive approach paired with active reassessment and open communication has provided as much comfort as possible for my wife.

Over years and years of caring for Barbara's condition, nobody has shown the persistence to improve her quality of life more than the pulmonary department at MUSC. The physicians and staff are sensitive, responsive, and attentive to our needs. After 10 years with MUSC, the medical personnel are always concerned about our present comfort and future health before anything else. They truly go above and beyond for us.

With a visit to an MUSC clinic or just a walk through the halls of Rutledge Tower, we believe others would be moved as we have been. The incredible warmth and care that is exhibited by everybody from the lunchroom cashier to a world-renown specialist, to any and every one who walks through those doors, is remarkable.

It's difficult to put into words why we have made a planned gift to MUSC. We see "giving" as a basic responsibility. During our many visits to MUSC, we observe many people with health concerns greater than ours who are being treated. Regardless of socioeconomic status, everyone should have the opportunity for the best care.

Through making MUSC a beneficiary of our life insurance, we will further research on diseases associated with pulmonary distress and provide funds beyond that which the insurance industry provides so that more people can share in our experience.